For Deep Impact

Group 58

Learning Outcomes

Stories are one of the most compelling forms of communications. They take people beyond their rational thinking and appeal directly to their emotions. But what will give your story the power to influence your target group? This is what we will discuss in this course.

You will learn how to structure a story and how to connect your narrative to the emotions, values and life lessons of your audience.

You will also learn to identify what makes a convincing messenger for your particular story, which messenger is best suited to deliver your message, and you will explore innovative forms of storytelling.


This is a self-paced course, that you can do at your own rhythm. You can come back any time to where you left it by clicking “Resume the course” when you connect to
The minimum learning time is 1 hour for the full course. We recommend that you plan 2 hours so that you can engage with all the interactions.

Each lesson can be taken individually but we recommend you follow the suggested line, as each lesson is connected to the previous ones.

Each lesson contains Pause and Think moments, which encourage you to lean back and reflect over the given question. While you can of course directly click on the lightbulb icon that reveals our own reflections, we encourage you to take these breaks, as they are an essential part of the learning journey.

On the right hand side, the pencil icon will open your private notebook where you can copy/paste the course content that you want to save and write any personal notes. You can download this notebook at any time.

Lesson Plan

lesson 1

Why tell stories?

Flash Lesson 2

How is a story structured?

Lesson Flash 3

Is the story relatable?

Lesson 4 Flash

Does the story contain conflict and choice?

lesson 5 flash

Does the story tell life lessons?

Lesson 6 Flash

The messenger

Lesson 7 Flash

Now write your Story

Lesson 8 Flash

In what shape will your story come?

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