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Campaigning is fun, but it also requires many sharp skills. From finding the right message that will move your targets, to telling the right stories and reaching new audiences, dive into our free online courses and increase your talent!

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You will learn how to build the communication strategy that will deeply change the attitudes of people.

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You will learn how to structure a story and connect your narrative to the emotions and values of your audience. This course is an expanded version of lesson 8 of our Campaigns Communication course.


You will learn to understand the mechanics of disinformation, and take fast and effective action to challenge disinformation and maybe even prevent it.


You will learn how to create a podcast that will capture your audience


You will learn how to create graphic design that matches your objectives


You will learn to understand what narratives are, identify the narratives that circulate in your context, develop communications that impact the narrative context and evaluate your narrative strategy


You will learn how to conduct researchs to investigate your target group